The New Generation Currency Driven By Innovations.

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Luxxeum Blockchain Solutions is an innovation by a group of blockchain enthusiasts, businessmen and experts drawn from various fields to tackle the economic and financial problems of regions and communities by positively affecting one person, organization or business at a time.

While deploying financial services, we understand that life should be fun and easy. We solve problems by creatively deploying programs, facilities and systems that directly bring about positive changes. Luxxeum improves on the existing systems while inventively introducing new ones.

THE NEXT GENERATION CURRENCY – LuxxeumCoin is a decentralized digital payment system guaranteeing secured peer-to-peer transactions. It is a financial instrument deployed to bring revolution to investment, lottery and games.


Our Core Businesses


Mobile Market

We bring to you the first Blockchain mobile e-commerce. This will be coming up at the wake of the launch of our own branded mobile device, LXX Smart Phone!


Lottery and Games

Win amazing prizes and get bounties in LXX Lottery. Make real money while you have fun with LXX Games


Peer -to- Peer Loans

Easily acquire loans using your LXX tokens as collateral. Also fund a loan and enjoy the interest


LXX Lottery

Luxxeum Lottery and Games are at the forefront of our project and a vital ingredient towards LXX short term targets.

LXX will be used in lotteries and games as a reward for winners and as a payment to acquire gaming promotions tools and more. Amazing prizes will be awarded to the winners of our lottery both in currencies and spectacular gifts. Hit the jackpot; make a huge fortune while you play. Our games are user friendly and most importantly, fun. Luxxeum lottery winners will be directly contacted after the draw.

Our draws will be taken weekly for weekly winners and monthly for a monthly grand winner every month. The montly draw will be streamed live for everyone around the world to watch

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Welcome to the first blockchain powered mobile market.

The LXX Mobile Market is an E-Commerce website where only mobile devices are sold.

This multi-vendor Ecommerce website is a Mobile Show Center – bringing together products from various brands. On the launch of the LXX Mobile Market, LXX will also launch its first branded mobile phone.

This device will come with all LXX Mobile Applications including wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain tools pre-installed. Details of LXX Mobile Market and the LXX Mobile Phone shall be brought to you on a full documentation before the campaign begins. LXX Mobile market promises to be the first blockchain powered market for mobile devices.

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At a glance

Facts in digits

The amount of finance in the system

Active Registered Users and counting

Supported countries


Amount of tokens 6 000 000:
67% ICO
17% Pre ICO
8% Marketing
8% Developmnet

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Our special way

LXX Road Map

November, 2017
Project Starts

February 2018
Putting the Team together, Whitepaper Release(V 1.0)

March 2018
Launching the Website

April 2018
Sponsors Sale

May 2018
Sponsors Sale, Partnerships, Top Ten Sponsors Staking

June 2018
PreICO, Sponsors Staking Incentive, LXX Lottery Beta

July 2018
ICO, LXX Lottery, Internal Exchange Testing

August 2018
LXX Payment Gateway & E-Store Integration, External Exchange

September 2018
LXX Mobile Market, LXX Smart Phone


With finger print and facial recognition, there' is no better security match.

13mp Sony Dule Front Camera
Screen Size 5.99" Full HD 2160"
1080pixels, 18:9 in-cell LG Lcd
Dual Sim Dual Standby
1 Nano Simcard + 1Tf card
or 2 nano SimCard
Back Camera 16.0MP +5.0MP
CPU MT6750 Octa Core Up to 1.5 GHz
Battery 5500 mAh, Fast Charger
Ram/RoM 4BG +64GB
TF Card up to 128 GB

Ethereum Blockchain

Luxxeum Token

Type :
Maximum Supply
9,000,000 LXX
Available Supply
6,000,000 LXX
Presale Supply
1,000,000 LXX
ICO Supply
4,000,000 LXX
500,000 LXX
Dev Team
500,000 LXX
Contract Address
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General description

Luxxeum will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.

Our Token Sale starts immediately after LXX PLatform is launched. The first round of sales is the early investors sale. This will open up an opportunity for our suppoters to get LXX tokens at a considerably low cost. This exercise will be followed by our site upgrade after which pre-ICO follows. The ICO will take place one week after the pre-ICO finishes.

Functions of tokens

  • Bets and remunerations in game rooms and disputes
  • Remuneration for a certain activity (player of the day, player of the month, etc.);
  • Payment of game developers' remuneration;
  • Payment of remuneration to digital content copyright owners;
  • Payment of remuneration for partner programs.

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Have any questions?

Can American citizens take part in the token sale?

Yes. Everyone should understand that cryptocurrency (and blockchain technology) is a decentralized digital asset. It should supposedly be unbounded by any legal laws and regulations. However, because of its popularity as a means of paperless payment, as well as a tradable asset, most local government and regulatory entities try to disrupt its state of being decentralized by proposing and implementing local regulations. Luxxeumcoin is not registered in the United States of America and we will strongly uphold that we are not obligated to comply with any State laws unless it is a binding international law.

Does the token sale comply with legal regulations?

Yes, the token sale (Sponsor Sales, Pre-ICO, and ICO) was conceptualized and construed in circumspect compliance with the current international legal and all other relevant international regulations in relation to cryptocurrencies and digital assets sale.

What is LXX stance on future cyptocurrency regulations?

Since there is no guarantee and certainty with the irrepatability and solidity of both local and international cryptocurrency regulations and legal interventions, we though cannot assure that Luxxeumcoin (and any other cryptocurrencies) will not be disrupted by any future implementations of them. In these regards, Luxxeumcoin will still be and will always be operational as long as the Ethereum blockchain where our LXX tokens are based allows us so. The most that we will do is to "advise" investors but compliance with these future laws and regulations will still be our investors' discretion.

Why is Luxxeumcoin's economic model sustainable?

Luxxeumcoin's economic model is based on several independent revenue streams namely our internal exchange, e-marketplace for digital devices, lottery participation revenue, and the sale revenue of our very own Luxxeumcoin smartphones. We believe that the success of our cryptocurrency is not only based on its value as a tradable asset in the cryptocurency world, but also based on its real world utility.

Can LXX tokens be traded at an exchange?

Certainly yes. During its development, it has been one of our initial objectives for LXX tokens to be tradable assets in several external cryptocurrency exchanges such as in Coinexchange, Novaexchange, Cryptopia, and many more.

How will the token sale affiliate programme work?

The affiliates will receive 5% LXX tokens from the amount of LXX tokens purchased by investors who registered with their referral links.

Can I mine LXX?

Unfortunately no. Luxxeumcoin utilizes the Ethereum's ERC20 token smart contract platform for its LXX tokens inhibiting its nature to be mineable.


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